The Evolution of Economies

Infographs do one thing: tell a story and in a clear manner. Infographs aim to deliver actionable insight from a voluminous amount of data.

This infograph presents, in a single window and with great interaction, how the world is developing economically. Using data about the demographics, economic grouping ("Developed region: G7", "Developed region: nonG7", "Emerging region: BRIC", "Emerging region: MIKT","Emerging region: G20", "Developing region", "Least developed region") and annual GDP growth rates, development trend of countries is visualized from 2000 ‐ 2015.

Why use the web? With the advent of the internet, transmittting such amount of information over the web is the right thing to do. And with interactivity, the cumbersome nature of viewing multiple spreadsheets of data is eliminated.

Global Annual GDP Growth in % (2000 ‐ 2015)
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Credits & Sources

Sources & Credits

Country boundries, population and Economic groups data from NaturalEarthData

Graph/Chart showing development indicators by annual GDP growth in % from The World Bank DataBank

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